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Massage Therapy

Revitalize your senses, rejuvenate tired muscles, and refresh your mind...

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Skincare & Anti-aging Treatments

Revitalize your senses and refresh your mind...






Luxurious facial treatments infusing oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. 





Our signature facial treatment that resurfaces, lifts & tones, packed full of anti-oxidants, powerful enhancers, and luxurious moisturizers for your beautiful glow. We start with a double cleanse using our hydrating facial and ageless facial cleanser, followed by our total resurfacing masque, infused with a retinol, anti-oxidant, and hyaluronicenhancerthen a hydrating repair crème, hydrating enzyme masque, infused with a kojic and vitamin C enhancer, ahydrating eye recovery gel, total anti-aging serum, hydrating moisturizer with SPF, and end with a balancing lip enhancement complex. 




A blend of papaya, pineapple, and mango, this non-chemical peel naturally rebalances, regenerates, and restores your skin using organic ingredients with medical effectiveness. 




Our signature, results-driven treatment will change the IMAGE of your skin in just one session. Vitamin C, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, and gentle yet effective enzymes speed up cellular turnover lightening, tightening and brightening all skin types; even Rosacea and sensitive.




Highly effective facial treatments blending lactic and kojicacids with a cocktail of lightening agents to reduce pigmentation and the redness caused by Rosacea




This ultra-resurfacing blend of Glycolic and Retinol visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin firm and revitalized. 




This potent blend of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids contains anti-inflammatory agents to effectively treat and heal acne lesions. 




This powerful non-blended Beta Hydroxy Acid treatment quickly and effectively targets and improves grades III and IV acne. 




Our exclusive blend of exfoliating agents are combined with powerful anti-oxidants, correcting peptides and plant-derived stem cells to create “perfection” when treating advanced pigmentation, acne and aging 





The pumpkin peel is a fruit acid/enzyme and a natural repair therapy which contains beta carotene and ascorbic acid as topicals to combat free-radical damage. It is a great alternative to AHAs and a mild retinoic acid substitute, as well as an exfoliation accelerator, and a powerful anti-oxidant. 





Serenity’s results-oriented facial utilizes the newest technology in anti-aging. Microcurrent therapy lifts and firms skin, repairing damage. Followed by a customized peel infused with a blend of stem cells, peptides, and anti-oxidants  regenerates and firms skin cells, brightening and evening your skin tone. Ending with Photorejuvenationlight therapy to promote healing and cell turnover.


Series available 




Face & neck 110

Full Body 220 

Face & body 310


Body parts ~

One 75

Two 130

Three 170


Series of 12 ~


Face & neck 1200 

Body 2400 

Face & body 3300

(275 each)


Add on during facial treatment or lashes ~


Face & neck 90

Body 190 

Face & body 270 


Series of 12 add ons ~


Face & neck 900 

Body 2,040 

Face & body 2,700

(225 per session)


 Introducing our new Neurotris sx4000 Microcurrent for the face & body! www.neurotris.com




Add on $40


Series available 





Microcurrent Face Lift


Microcurrent Face Lift emits subtle electrical frequencies that are the closest to the normal electric frequencies that the body produces at a cellular level. Because the Bio-Therapeutics microcurrent mimics the body’s own electrical signals, it sends familiar messages to the musculature and cells in the skin, thereby increasing the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) a cell produces by as much as 500%. ATP is the primary molecule from which our body produces energy, and it is found in every cell of the body.

This increased level of ATP speeds the cellular metabolism of the skin cells, resulting in an increased rate of waste and impurity elimination. Protein synthesis and cellular membrane transport are also increased, as well as the reconstitution of collagen and elastin. The results of these processes can be seen in improved skin tone and coloration, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Bio-Therapeutic Microcurrent features the latest in microcurrent technology development, including the patented technological breakthrough Suzuki Sequencing. This revolutionary system delivers unsurpassed results and performance in less time. The Bio-Therapeutic System is touted as the single most powerful tool available today in anti-aging treatments, allowing a diverse array of results ranging from firming, to the diminishment of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

14% increase in natural collagen.

48% increase in natural elastin

Improves the quality and firmness of the skin

Lifts and tightens the facial and neck muscles

Smoothes texture of the face and neck

Accelerates cell repair and promotes healthy cell reproduction.

Safe for all skin types.


6 to 12 treatments are recommended for optimal results, but most clients see a difference after the first treatment. Maintenance facials are recommended to retain results, upon completion of your series of treatments. 



Chemical Peels


Chemical peels can rejuvenate and refresh skin, reduce blemishes and improve texture with minimal downtime.

These light peels are useful for:

Pigmentation that can occur from acne lesions, burns, and other injuries as well as pigmentation from sun damage and melasma.

Correction of mild sun damage

Facial acne, especially clogged pores and pigmentation

Acne on back and chest – areas that are hard to treat with medications

Maintenance of fresh, healthy-looking skin


Peels can remove dead skin layers, clear pores, improve hydration and reduce blemishes. 

At Serenity Skincare & Lash Lounge, Sara Battiste can evaluate your skin and choose a facial service that is ideal for you and your skin.


Chemical peels are often combined with additional services and procedures to help achieve your skin goals. Peels combined with pore extractions or resurfacing can give enhanced exfoliation and pore cleansing. 

Light therapy treatments with chemical peels can effectively correct sun damage, improve texture and reduce blemishes. Acne treatments are enhanced with the use ofchemical peels followed by a light therapy treatment.


Light Therapy Photorejuvenation


Omnilux™ light therapy is a new technology based on narrowband Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), for the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions including; skin rejuvenation, acne, photodamage, and wound healing post elective surgery or resurfacing treatments.  Light therapy treatments are totally non-invasive, non-abrasive, and generate no heat. The gentle, painless treatment does not damage normal tissue and works with the body's own natural processes to rejuvenate the skin. Application of LED light feels comfortable and relaxing, and there is no "down time" after a treatment.

Omnilux™ light therapy is proven to stimulate cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue repair. Using a combination of wavelengths, light therapy stimulates fibroblast activity, leading to faster and more efficient collagen synthesis and stimulates the contractile phase of the remodeling process producing better lineated collagen.The infrared light produced by LED lamps, also known asphoto rejuvenation, stimulates fibroblast cell activity in the skin, which increases the production of collagen and elastin—the proteins responsible for your skin's tone and elasticity.  


Your skin has the ability to absorb infrared light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. Infrared LED light therapy, first researched by NASA for use in the U.S. Space Program, can reverse and control the visible signs of aging and help you look years younger without harsh treatments or invasive surgical procedures. Dramatic tightening of skin, smoothing of wrinkles and rough spots, disappearing blemishes, softening of redness, and shrinking of pore size can be achieved with this light therapy treatment.


The advantages of OmniluxTM light therapy


• Stimulates the bodies own cellular mechanisms by photomodulation
• Not a laser or an IPL so no heat, no side effects or downtime.
• Non-invasive, non-ablative safe therapy 
• No damage to sub-dermal tissue
• Relaxing and calming experience
• Compatible with existing skin rejuvenation techniques such as BotoxTM, resurfacing treatments, chemical peels, and cosmetic surgery such as blepharoplastyand breast reduction or augmentation


Skin conditions improved by LED light therapy:


• Aging skin: softening of lines, folds and wrinkles, healthier circulation, increased moisture and radiance, accelerated skin repair, toned and youthful skin surface, improved elasticity and skin texture.
• Hyperpigmentationage spots, freckles, uneven pigmentation due to sun exposure, etc: Most cases of skin hyperpigmentation even out over time from the use of infrared LED light therapy.
• Acne and blemishes: Infrared LED light can assist in the repair of acne and blemishes because it stimulates the skin's natural healing process. 



Skincare & Anti-aging Treatments
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Other services

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Eyelash Extensions & Brows

Enhance your natural beauty...

Award-winning, long-lasting, medical-grade lash extension adhesives have earned NovaLash its reputation as “the healthiest” professional eyelash extension system. Comprised of a wide-ranging palette of colors, textures and sizes of eyelash extensions that can be combined for looks that run the gamut from subtle and natural to trendy and glamorous; each lash application is a work of art with an intricate finish.As the industry leader, NovaLash offers superior lash extension education and training to its most talented and dedicated lash artists, and superior products and service to its clients. NovaLash works diligently to embody and exemplify the best that technology, science, creative artistry and customer satisfaction can achieve.“NovaLash eyelash extensions are an “instant pretty” for any woman who desires for longer, fuller lashes.They are weightless, wonderful and truly transformative.” - Sophy Merszei, CEO of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions. NovaLash eyelash extensions are meticulously applied lash-by-lash, bonded with award-winning medical-grade adhesives, by certified professional NovaLash stylists. Sara Fodel is currently the only advanced trained Novalash professional stylist in North Carolina at Serenity Lash Lounge & Spa.



Novalash Eyelash Extensions

NovaLash eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic lashes attached to each individual lash, and are practically undetectable by you or anyone else.

Full set of Eyelash Extensions (Upper) $280

Fill-ins (Upper) $85 (loss of 50% or less) $105 (loss of 50% or more) $180 (80% loss or more or existing client full set)

Monthly fill-ins (Upper) (Includes two fill-ins regardless of percentage lost) $160

Full set of lower lashes $95

Fill-ins (Lower) $45

Monthly fill-ins (Upper & Lower) (Includes two upper fill-ins and three lower fill-ins regardless of loss) $240

Soothing gel eye pads $5 (added to a session to refresh tired eyes)

Candied lashes $3 per lash


Additional Lash & Brow services:

Eyebrow Extensions



Eyelash Tinting

Upper $20 Lower $20 Both $30

Brow Tinting $20


Please call Sara or Eloise for additional questions or to set up a complimentary consultation. Thank you, Best Lashes!



www.Novalash.com for FAQ's


Eyelash Extensions & Brows